Saturday, July 28, 2012



Ubud is located in the district gianyar bali exactly 20 km northeast of the airport in Bali .

Ubud is a resting place for tourists. suitable for those who seek peace and tranquility. the best place for lovers of art (the art of painting, dance, art sculpture). there are many art galleries. bali art center is always crowded. village is well known to foreign art and culture due to a very rapid, almost all the population can not be separated from artistic and cultural life

ubud very beautiful scenery and comfortable because they are located in between the plot fields, small villages, forests, ravines, beautiful rocks. world away from the bustle of the city. Here there are many art galleries, as well as the arena of music and dance performances are held alternately every night in all corners of the village. There are also a nature reserve Monkey Forest is a habitat for thousands of long-tailed macaques.
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