Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple was built during the 8th and 9th century around the year 800 AD at the height of the dynasty dynasty rule. Its founder was King who came from the King Samaratungga dynasty dynasty, beginning around 824 AD and ended up at the beginning of the year 900 the rule was changed from King to Queen Pramudawardhani Samaratungga which is a daughter of the King Samaratungga own.

  Borobudur comprises six square terraces above it there are 3 circular courtyard, walls are decorated with reliefs of 2672 as many as 502 panels and Buddha statues. The main stupa is located in the center and is the largest center, surrounded by 72 perforated stupas in which there are statues of Buddha, sitting cross-legged. The temple is divided into 3 levels according to Buddhist cosmology, namely: 1. Kamadhatu (the realm of the passions), the world is still ruled by the passions, this section allegedly made to strengthen the construction of the temple. Here there are 160 relief Karmawibhangga story but currently hidden because of a closed structure .. 2. Rupadhatu (sphere shape), the world is already able to break free from lust. This section consists of four with the 1300 passage of relief images with total length 2.5 km. 3. Arupadhatu (the realm of intangible assets), which is where man is free from all desires and bond forms and shapes, but have not reached nirvana. The highest Tingakatan is denoted by the largest and highest stupa, stupa plain without holes. In the largest stupa Buddhist statue ever found has not been completed. According to the belief that one sculpture in the making should not be tampered with.
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