Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indrayanti beach

Indrayanti beach is also one of the beauty of the beaches on the Coast Mountain range of South yogyakarta, is located in District Coast Tepus, and still is Gunungkidul Sundak Coast region.  

Even this beach's name is actually just taken from the name of the manager of the beach.Basically beaches located along the coast Gunungkidul not too far from one another and is famous for its white sand, only the occurrence of this coastal beaches formed thousands of years ago was blocked by huge rocks and tall. This exotic beach has to offer from one to another that is decorated with coral cliffs are amazing.structuring and modern concepts on the beach Indrayanti clearly visible from the equipment and facilities provided , there is a jet sky, even the beach provides a fine for anyone who dispose of any garbage, so get used to dispose of waste in place. This affects the cleanliness that
we enjoy at this beach. But do not think that the arrangement is to reduce the beauty of this beach. This concept is precisely the concept of the beauty of this beach looks more beautiful.Indrayanti access to the beach today has been good, we facilitate a smooth path in the drive, but you are encouraged remain cautious due to the existence of roads in the area south of South Mountain District average of many curves, climbs and steep slope.Offered facilities managers also a beach cottage that can be used to spend the night on the beach Indrayanti , so we could enjoy a night on the beach. Cottage at the rate of Rp. 300.000, - to Rp. 650.000, - have adequate facilities. Currently available 7 cottage, and see how it's possible this place will get crowded. The most interesting for the visitors may be presented it to the gamelan music of Java in a typical restaurant of this section. With music in addition to enjoying the charm of our beaches are also presented with a sensation makanmalam magnificent.Food offered at this restaurant was not too expensive. Any portion of the price range is Rp. 10.000, - to Rp. 100.000, -. Seafood diets are not only have been the mainstay of several beaches in the region, but there are fried and grilled chicken menu, there are coconut ice drinks, no ice-orange, and so forth.
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